After weeks of anticipation, the big day has arrived and your new puppy is ready to become part of your family. 


Your Clover Hill Welcome Home Tote is filled with items to help make this transition as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  You’ll find a cozy blanket, some of the food your puppy has been eating here, a toy, leash, harness, and washable pee pad. We’ve also provided your puppy’s CV folder which includes AKC registration and pedigree papers, veterinary health certificate with record of immunizations and care, and a new puppy manual full of tips and advice on caring for your new family member!


You are beginning a new chapter with your pet, but her story actually started years ago.  This healthy, beautiful puppy is the culmination of many years of effort and a careful, considered breeding philosophy.


We search the world to find the best dogs with bloodlines that were refined and perfected in elite show kennels throughout the United States and Europe.  Most of our puppies are Champion- and Grand-Champion-sired, and many have World Champion grandparents.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of care and attention have been invested in these animals to help them achieve their conformation Champion titles in FCI competition in Europe and AKC shows in the United States.


In addition to the costs of obtaining high-level champion show dogs for breeding, there are endless veterinary visits for routine preventive care and various emergencies.  A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into studying pedigree and planning the breedings. Pregnant dams require special attention to diet, supplements, and additional veterinary visits. 


As the due date of a litter approaches, we must make arrangements to be certain that the dams are never left alone in the event one needs assistance with a birth.  Whelping complications are common with toy breed dogs and we must always be on the alert for a situation calling for an emergency trip to the veterinary hospital. 


Once a litter is born and the puppies are comfortably settled with their mother in their whelping box, the first few days and nights require careful vigilance to ensure all of the whelps are nursing properly and not wandering away from their mother's warmth.  The mother requires several feedings of high quality, calcium-rich food per day and must be monitored for signs of infection or other complications from the birthing process.  


As the weeks pass and the puppies grow, we spend more time playing with and handling them to start their socialization to people. They become very active, messy, and busy starting around 5 weeks old until they leave here at 12 weeks.   Before they leave there are shots and worming schedules, and a visit to Dr. Kinney for their physical exams and health certificates.  Their final week here we start the crate training process to give you a head start on potty training.


Prices range from $2575 to $3690 and include the Clover Hill Welcome Home Package and lifetime support for your well-bred puppy.  All puppies are placed as companion pets without breeding rights.